"Diners and drinkers have flocked to this window-wrapped Old Town bistro since it opened last year, and both menu and space are split between formal fine dining and top-tier pub offerings. Particularly on Friday and Saturday nights, when the restaurant’s “Tavern” front half stays open until 1 am, a convivial atmosphere fairly spills out the door; one gets the sense everyone is laughing and leaning in to clink glasses or swipe a bite from someone else’s plate."                        -Willamette Week - November 2009  

"In the end, Davis Street Tavern proves you don't need to know from which farm's dirt your escarole has been plucked, or who fed the cows that provided the hangar steak—though surely the attentive, thoughtful, appropriately humble staff would be happy to tell you. Instead, why not turn off the conscience (and the critic), eat like you mean it, and walk to the car convinced you've had a good meal. After all, earnest, ethical perfection can be such tedious business."                     -Portland Mercury - June 2009

"It handsomely preserves a piece of Portland's past, with sandblasted beams and pillars, original brick interior walls and acres of polished wood for a splendidly burnished effect."                                          -Oregonian - April 2009

"But the real draw for budget-driven Portlanders has to be the delicious price paradox that Davis Street Tavern has created with their menus...    ...an upscale dinner menu with entrees that range from $14–$27."                                                                                                                                                           -PDX Mag - April 2009

"The good news is that the recently opened Davis Street Tavern, at NW Fifth Avenue, qualifies as a place that serves up the requisite locally grown produce in a roomy pub setting."                               -Portland Monthly - March 2009